8 Things You Need To Know To Make Your Chinese New Year 2021 EVEN MORE HUAT

Chinese New Year is celebrated for 2 weeks and preparations start as early as 1-2 weeks before the first day.

People look forward to this festive period due to different reasons, from delicious snacks to fat Ang Baos.

There are also quite a handful of CNY rules to follow for you to receive extra fortune and prosperity but not everyone is familiar with them.

You might say, “How will i know if following such superstitions will make my CNY 2021 EVEN MORE HUAT?” 

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I say, “Never try, never know?”

Here are 8 of such rules to help enhance your HUAT-ness:


Spring cleaning is unavoidable for any typical chinese family when Lunar New Year approaches.

As they say, “旧的不去,新的不来”. Clear out old and unnecessary stuffs to make room for better things to come. Thus, HUAT.

Aside from cleaning your entire house, you might want to work on your digital clutters such as notes and files and even save money on extra subscriptions.

Treat it as a refresh button to start 2021.


Sweet rice cake (Nian Gao) – This sweet dessert will help you climb the social ladder as the Chinese word Nian Gao sounds similar to “year higher”. In other words, eating the cake will help with achieving new heights in the coming year.

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Yu Sheng – Each ingredient represents a special meaning and you’re supposed to lo-hei(toss) the dish with your friends and family while saying auspicious phrases. The higher you toss the yusheng, the greater your fortunes will be!

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Ba Kwa – It ain’t just a yummy snack.. It’s deep red colour is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition and symbolises luck, wealth and prosperity. Have a few bites of it before testing your luck!

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Pineapple tarts – The Hokkien pronunciation of pineapple tarts is “Ong Lai”, which means that prosperity is arriving. Time to turn a blind eye to the calories, just for a while 🙂 

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Longevity noodles – Be careful not to cut or break the longevity noodles when preparing them as it has to be one single and continuous noodle. You must eat it from the beginning to the end and don’t break it while eating, or the good wish will be broken.

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Door couplets (Chun Lian) – A pair of auspicious phrases written in calligraphy style on 2 red vertical banners that are to be placed on each side of a door frame. It is said that putting up these couplets during the Chinese New Year period will give you extra HUAT

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Upside down 福(Fu) – Fu means fortune or luck. By placing the Fu character upside down, it signifies that fortune is arriving because the chinese word for upside down is Dao, which sounds similar to the mandarin word for ‘arrive’.

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Red packets – Aside from being the envelope that carries cash, it can also be used as a decoration as it represents additional wealth, prosperity and luck. It is often used to decorate kumquat trees.

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Kumquat Trees – In Cantonese, these trees are called gam gat shu, with ‘gam’ representing gold and ‘gat representing luck. These trees are often bought during Chinese new year to welcome wealth, luck and prosperity into the family.

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When you visit your friends and families during every Chinese New Year, have you ever felt like you are lost for words and all you know is 新年快乐,恭喜发财? No fear, here’s a useful list, just memorise a few!

  • 财源滚滚 (cai yuan gun gun) – May your money come rolling in
  • 大吉大利 (da ji da li) – Great luck and great profit
  • 福寿双全 (fu shou shuang quan) – May you enjoy both longevity and blessing
  • 五福临门 (wu fu lin men) – 5 blessings: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death
  • 一本万利 (yi ben wan li) – May you reap huge profits from a small investment
  • 吉星高照 (ji xing gao zhao) – May good fortune befall you always
  • 招财进宝 (zhao cai jin bao) – Wealth and treasure fill up your home
  • 财源广进 (cai yuan guang jin) – May your money and treasures be plentiful
Source: China Highlights


Why do people wear new clothes during CNY? Could it be because they like to spend?

It is believed that wearing new clothes from head to toe symbolizes a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year. Chinese believe that New Year’s Day sets the tone for the rest of the year, so everyone tries to dress well to set the year right. 

Source: The Founders Hive

Red is the recommended colour as well as it is the top Chinese lucky color and represents strength and prosperity.

If you are not sure what to wear during the Chinese New Year, the safe method is to try sticking to new and preferably more colorful clothes. It’s important to refrain from wearing the inauspicious colour, black, as well.


I look forward to collecting red packets every Chinese New Year, I cant deny. But I do admit that I don’t really know the meaning behind it.

Source: Today Singapore

The money in red packets is also known as 压岁钱 (yā suì qián). It literally means “money to anchor the year” and receiving it will bless you with good fortune for your year ahead.

When the elders give red packets to children, they are hoping to pass on a year of good fortune and blessings. And when the younger generation give red packets to their elders, it symbolises a blessing of longevity and a show of gratitude.


If you love to sleep late because you are a nocturnal soul and you embrace the night, then this is great news to you! 

On every Chinese New Year eve, is it customary to stay up late as it is said to bring longevity to one’s parents. The later you stay awake, the longer they will live. So, feel free to fire up your Netflix or your computer games and power through the night!

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There are really plenty of things that you should refrain from doing during Chinese New Year to prevent bad luck and misfortune. Just to list a few:

  • Dont speak negatively. Whatever you say in the start of a new year sets the course for the rest of the year. Best to avoid word like ‘die’ as well
  • Don’t cut your hair or nails during the festive season as this will allow your luck to ‘escape’
  • Don’t sweep the floor as it symbolises sweeping away wealth and fortunes from the house
  • Avoid black clothings, especially on the first day of the New Year, as it is traditionally associated with mourning
  • Avoid taking medicine on the first day of New Year, as it is believed that he or she will get ill for a whole year
  • Do not wear clothes that are damaged or have holes in them. It is said to bring bad luck for the whole year. 
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Happy Chinese New Year to all of you reading this! May you enjoy all the HUAT HUAT HUAT this year!