Avocado Toast Finance (ATF) is a community of ordinary Singaporeans who come together to grow and support one another in the area of finance. Just like bread and butter, we aspire to be the toast to your avocado as the key ingredient to planning for your personal finances in this age of avocado generation.

“Avocado toast isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice” The purchase and consumption of avocado toast has come to symbolise the lifestyle of a millennial. Do you enjoy splurging on simple luxury items such as avocado toast or Starbucks and indulging yourself in the finer things in life? We believe in planning for the best-case scenario in a creative and fun way, and explore opportunities to build a diversified portfolio that is relevant to you.

Lastly, we aim to educate and create a positive experience for you in your financial planning journey so that you have enough to fund the luxuries (freedom of choice) in life while not compromising on our current lifestyle.

Keep your eyes peeled as we share with you tips on how you can balance good financial habits while having a good lifestyle. More avocados please!

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