Presentation was concise with a clear strategy on how to grow my wealth

Had a discussion with the consultants, presentation was concise with a clear strategy on how to grow my wealth. The consultants was also very knowledgeable in their craft. Will definitely recommend millennials who are keen to invest but have no idea where to start from

Gibson Jun Xun

Made simpler with proper guidance from the Avocado team

I just had an hour call with Serena and Gen. It was a nice and fun chat with them discussing investing concepts. After learning from their experiences and knowledge, I am 100% convinced that building wealth through investment is a self-empowering process that one should

Chan Chi Hin

Able to relate to me and understand what i want and need very well

Had a chat with Serena and Gen today and i was able to learn a lot more about funds and investing. It was very engaging and they were able to relate to me and understand what i want and need very well.Thank you

Claudia Peck

An eye opening experience for me

The 1 hour webinar session was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I have always wanted to start my own investment journey but do not know what to look for, where to start from or the time to do my own due diligence and

Nathanael Ang

Very informative session

Very kind, patient & flexible of them to cater to my ever-changing commitments (apologies for any inconvenience caused), and adjust the timing of our 1st 1-to-1 1-hour appointment. Very informative session on the investment plan they are offering. Looking forward to even better updates from

Tan Zhi Wei

Suitable advice to what I’m looking for.

Itā€™s pretty good experience through this investment platform I learn a lot and the person is very patient with the explanation that I need to know. They give the suitable advice to what I looking for and needs in the life that I looking for.

Low Meng Li

Dilligent, Honest and Proactive.

She is nice, honest, easy to communicate, always ready to help and always take proactive actions to assure her clients. I recommend to people who are looking forward to work with those who are dilligent, honest and proactive. I am pleased to know, you have

Barun Sharma

More transparency compared to others!

I like how the plans were broken down and how they work. I understood where I can better finance and allocate my income and savings. Compared to past experiences, there are a lot more details as to how money can be better allocated. More transparency

Kenneth Chan

Retire without worry.

Excellent financial plan that helps me to achieve my financial goal and allows me to retire without worry. Professional consultant is approachable and has a great analytical skill. Worth it!

Carlyn Cheng

Safe and easy to understand.

Actually this is my first time learning how the investment work. Serena, gen was really very patient to share more how the investment work. And I feel that is safe and easy to understand and gain more confidence when come to investment.


Best align with our goals.

We appreciate the team coming up with different financial solutions and projections to best align with our goals. We will certainly recommend ATF’s services to people looking to dip their toes into investing.

Shaun & Ros

The planning of cash flow is more thorough.

I got to know how investment works and how it will help in financial planning. I also understood the products and needs. Compared to past experience, the planning of cash flow is more thorough, which helps me to see where my money goes and how

Kaylee Tan

‘Investment is a game of patience’

Serena and Gen shared their knowledge about investments and it was a very informative session. I got to understand more about investment, the returns or losses. One take away statement ā€˜Investment is a game of patienceā€™ stood out to me as it was about learning

Joyce Lee

Ease my burden.

Helped me toĀ ease my burdenĀ of having to learn, study and apply all theĀ investments knowledge on my own. Despite the recent volatile markets, my investments portfolio could stillĀ achieve double digitsĀ returns over the past few years.

Jeremy Tham

Down to earth and approachable.

Personalised service with great focus on my Long term financial goals! Down to earth and approachable, using simple and easy to understand terminology! If you are looking to plan your finances, feel free to approach her!

Jin Yuan

Disciplined and systematic approach.

She is dedicated to help me achieve my investment needs and objectives through a discipline and systematic approach so that IĀ can get closer to my goals and have a peace of mind. Thank you!

Jason Lim

Gained more clarity.

After meeting for the first time, i now gained more clarity and now I know my goals are more achievable with the strategies in place !

Ahmad Haneef

A lot of difference from my past experiences.

There are detailed explanations and reasonable expectations for an investment plan. There is a lot of difference from my past experiences of speaking to a consultant.

Eric Tan

Does not hard sell useless products.

Good investment knowledge! Does not hard sell useless products. Information was presented nicely. Past consultants that I met before used to hard sell plans without explaining much.

Ong Kai Xun

Clear cut explanation.

There was a clear cut explanation of the different kinds of ILPs out there. It wasnā€™t as confusing as the sessions I had from past experiences.

Lim Jia Wei